About the Bobarosa Saloon !

 We were founded in 2000 by a longtime "Dream" that Bob, the owner, had to create a Place where everyone could come to, party & feel welcome. Don't let the Relaxed atmosphere during the daytime fool you though cause Bob & Jessie are Partiers at Heart. A saying that Bob's longtime friends have always used is "Bob Like's A Big Party". It's true, and since our Grand Opening in 2000 the Bobarosa Saloon has gone thru many changes over the years.

When we first opened our doors we had just over an acre of land, and offered only Camping with a Camp/Grocery Store. Today it has grown to a little over 4 acres and offers 3 separate Bars, the Inside Saloon, the Outside Riverdeck, Tiki Hut Bar & Spankys, 3 Stages, 1 inside the saloon, and 2 outside stages for Live Bands & Entertainment and the occasional celebrity, "Food Vendors" offering some Great Food, a Campground offering RV & Tent sites with a Campstore, Overnight Rental Cottages & Campers, a Motorcycle Leather and Apparel Vendor, and a motel with 4 seperate rooms.

Although we have continued to change & grow, we have never lost site of the "Dream" and therefore the staff here at the Bobarosa Saloon will always do their best to make everyone feel welcome & comfortable.

Bob and I, want to send a Special Thank You to everyone that believed in us and have helped & supported us over the years. We want you to know that we've never forgotten all the patronage, help whether it consists of free labor, materials, donations, photography, equipment, or however you may have helped us along the way, it has always been appreciated,


One of the reasons that Bob & I enjoy our place so much is because of the people that we have come to know & love. We ask that you please refrain from drinking & driving, there are campsites and rentals available if you've had too much of a good time. We care for each of you & want to see you back again. We also ask that you have respect for our friends old & new and therefore we have a zero tolerance policy in effect for fighting & drug dealing. Anyone found to be participating in these activities will be asked to leave immediately.


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